Volgende films zijn geselecteerd voor het International Short Film Festival SHORT FORM in de categorie FILM CREATION OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH, dat in Servië doorgaat van 26 september tot 1 oktober 2017. Proficiat!

  • TREE – Tibor Beque (9 years old) of the Academy of Visual Arts in Ghent in Danny De Vent’s class 
  • EXPEDITION PLANET ORANGE – Matisse Van Esch (10 years old) 
  • THE CATCH – Group work of the sixth grade of the school De Driehoek in Bocholt under the supervision of Kidscam. 
  • MYSTERIOUS CITY – Group work during a five-day workshop under the supervision of Caméléon Bavard 
  • LAMP, AFTER ZVI GOLDSTEIN – Mats and Nore Denys, made during a workshop of Waf! under the supervision of Christel Degros 
  • A DAY IN THE LIFE – Individual work by Quinten Hazebroek (12 years old)
  • COME HOME – Teamwork by 4 children (10 years old), done during an animation workshop. Coaching by Kidscam
  • IN YOUR HEAD – Teamwork by the fifth-graders from a school in Bellingen. Coaching by Kidscam.